Am I just being lazy?

I am trying to figure out where to park on our Epcot day. We will start the day with a PPO at GG, spend the morning hitting up some rides, then head over to the Fountain for lunch. We will then go back to the hotel (AKL) for some rest, and back to Epcot for the evening. I’m thinking that because we are going to the Fountain for lunch and then back to the hotel, it would be nice to park at either BC or BW (valet) so we can get to our car faster after lunch. Am I just being lazy to not want to walk back through Epcot? Also please consider that I will have a 6, 3, and 1 year old with me that are likely to get distracted at Epcot on the way back through. I feel like we need the afternoon break because we will be returning for dinner (Via Napoli) and Illuminations. Also, feel free to let me know if I should pick somewhere other than the Fountain. We couldn’t get an ADR at B&C, so this seemed like a good second choice. For reference, I am planning this for Monday, August 20th. Thank you!

I’d probably park at the Fountain. But I suppose then you have to trek through to get to GG via International Gateway, or take a bus maybe?

What is the cost difference between parking for the fountain and valeting at another resort?

I think around $10.

Hadn’t even considered it! Funny how we overlook the obvious sometimes! Thanks!

Have you parked at the Dolphin before? Do you know if there is a limit?

I parked there in January for dinner and I’m not even sure there was anyone in a guard shack. I was there quite a while no issues.

Really? The fee is only for people staying there?

I guess. I didn’t pay anything.

OK, I’m lost. What is “The Fountain”?

It’s a diner at The Dolphin. I had to look it up. All I could think of was FountainView and I thought = that’s no lunch!

Same here!

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Many people look at the Fountation as a great alternative to B&C.