Am I Crazy?

We just booked our family at BWV for next June! We will be packing up the car and driving to FL once the kids get out of school for the last day of the year. We will also be putting our house on the market the day after we leave. The thought process behind this is that the house will stay nice and clean while we are on vacation and I won’t loose my mind trying to keep the house perfect. Now I am second guessing myself. Is it too much to try and get the house ready to go on the market, packing for Disney and end of year school activities?

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No you are not crazy!! We sold our condo while on a trip to Disney 15 years ago!!

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Yes, you are crazy. Now what was the question? :wink:

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Sounds perfectly logical to me! Go and enjoy and let your sparkly clean house sell itself in your absence! Great plan! :smile:

I hope that didn’t come across as sarcastic because it isn’t - I honestly love that idea! Your agent can show your home whenever they need to without you vacating the premises and it will stay pristine! And you get to be at Disney! Win-win! :smile:

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I think it’s a great idea, too. You will have to be very organized, though! :grinning: Make sure you get all those house repairs, decluttering, yucky deep cleaning jobs, and soft packing done way early. Then you will have the bulk of the hard stuff done. I’m a big believer in lists!!!

Didn’t sound sarcastic at all.

Thanks guys! The thought of it all just started to seem way overwhelming! Luckily all 3 kids are finally in school full time starting next week. Can you hear the glorious sound of the angels singing in my head? I just need to take that time to start organizing and getting ready.


I think it’s a genius move! have a great time

DH is a real estate agent and I think he wishes more people had the forethought that you do!

Not crazy at all. Our agent told us to do the same thing (go on vacation when you put your house on the market) since we have 3 small kids who love to destroy our house. Just be sure to be extra prepared on battery life on your phone in case you get lots of calls from your agent on offers! :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Bought DH a treat charger for Father’s Day:)

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Yesterday’s messes reconfirmed my decision. They included taking ketchup packages and seeing what happens when you stomp on them, then taking that ketchup and mixing it with mulch and rubbing it all over their bodies (apparently it makes a great exfoliant). Let’s not forget to break into teens bedroom, steal her nail polish and paint a masterpiece on the carpet!!!

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Oh no!! Creative little minds! :smile: Hope you were able to get the nail polish off the carpet!

Didn’t even try. It was after bedtime and today is the first day of school for DD13. We are replacing the carpet in May anyhow.

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I think that it’s a brilliant idea! The hardest thing about selling our house was keeping it clean while we were home. It never failed that the realtor would call for a showing at the last minute giving me hardly any time to prepare. Enjoy and good luck with the sale!!!

Remembering how my mother stressed about constantly having to have the house in “magazine condition” when we sold our house when I was in my late teens, it seems like a very logical choice. In today’s world of cell phones, the realator should be able to get a hold of you easily.