Am I crazy to add 2 DAH nights?

So you think I should switch to Coronado Springs?



And I don’t know. I ask myself the same thing about you.

Another question~

Let’s say I decide to do the MK DAH on Thursday night. How early would I need to do a 1900 Park Faire breakfast the next day to make it to my KTTK tour at 10am? It’s just my husband and I, so I’m thinking the character interactions would be limited. Or is dinner a much better idea at 1900 PF? I’ve heard the step sisters are fun…

If I did an 8:30 ADR at 1900PF I think we could leave the restaurant by 9:30, which SHOULD get us to the KTTK starting area by 9:50, right?

What time does 1900 PF open that day? I think you’d want to do a 730 am reservation to be sure to make it to the tour check in.

There could be a delay to seating at the restaurant, to catching the boat or monorail to MK, at security, at ticket tap styles, etc.

People say to budget 90 minutes for character meals and way longer than 20 minutes to get places at WDW.

Your proposed timeline makes me very nervous that you’d miss your tour… hope that doesn’t sound mean!

Maybe switch 1900 to dinner do you aren’t rushed.

That doesn’t sound mean. I was hoping for feedback.

I’m trying to avoid getting up too early on Friday with DAH the night before. I have an 8am BOG that I can keep or cancel, but with that ADR I would like to be at the tapstyles by 7:30. If I can do even an 8am 1900 PF I think we would save 30 min just because it’s not in the park.

I think this might be the best thing.

Thanks for your help!

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