Am I being to aggressive with my Parking lot arrival times?

1/24-1/27 All stars movie resort

We are early risers, staying on site, and want to be in the front 1/4 of rope drop for each parks EE and we have genie + only using ILL for ROR. Will I be waisting too much time waiting for parking lots to be open? I read the spreadsheet but there is only a couple time collections for each park so it is difficult to tell exactly.

MK 8:30 EE arrive at TTC at 7 monorail starts running at 8
AK EE 7:30 arrive 6:30-6:45
HS 8:30EE be at parking lot at 7:30(I’m not RD ROR or SD) hope not anyways
EP 9:30 EE be at parking lot at 8:30

I don’t mind sitting in the car for a bit to be first but don’t want to get carried away. Thanks!

Since reopening, the parking lot opening times have gotten later. Typically less than an hour pre-rope drop. We’re in the same boat as you are and prefer to drive in earlier. Liners have started a Google Doc with parking lot opening times and other drops. Anyone have the link?

I have this question as well! We’ll be at Fort Wilderness so we’ll probably be driving everywhere ourselves.

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Transportation is the 2nd tab to scroll to at the bottom.

Eta: I don’t see any specific parking lot opening times here, is that a different Sheet?