AM EMH on a low crowd day

I am trying to figure out which days we will be in which parks during our December trip. One of the days has an overall resort crowd level of 2, and an MK crowd level of 2. It is also MK AM EMH on that day. I was thinking about doing the EMH at MK on that day and then heading over to another park that evening. We will be there during Pop Warner week, so I am hopeful that it will work in our favor in the parks, since the competitors take up so many resort rooms, but they are doing competitions in the morning. ANy thoughts? This is my first Disney trip with access to EMH.

Sounds like a good plan to do the EMH. I'm not a fan of park hopping so I can't help you there.


We park hop every day . As long as u get to the parks early you should be fine!

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I love being at the park early and seeing it open, the opening show and everything come to life. During AM EMH you can get so much done and I do think its really worth it. December is shorter park days too for the most part so EMH will assure you get alot of things done and probably alot of long line attractions too out of the way so you can enjoy other things.

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Thanks, everyone, for the input! I think I will keep those plans to attend the AM EMH.