Alternative to Hoop-De-Doo?

Hi everyone,

Way back in May 2020 we had reservations for Hoop-De-Doo for our arrival night. We are finally actually making this trip and arrive on Tuesday, May 31st before they are up and running again. Any ideas for fun things to do instead? It’s my husband and I and two young adult sons, and we’ll be arriving late afternoon.

I’m looking for something to do/see that will make us feel like we have arrived, without wearing us out for an early morning the next day. Yehaa Bob is not scheduled that night, which would have been good since we are staying in POFQ, however we will have a car, so getting around will not be an issue.


So, how about Raglan Road at DS? They have a show on stage every evening with a band and Irish Step Dancing.


The new Cirque show Drawn to Life? Not sure how old your sons are and/or if that would be interesting for them?

My sons are 21 and 25, and may actually enjoy this. I will ask them about it. Thank you!

dancing doesn’t start until 5pm

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Definitely on my list of possibilities! Thanks!

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So you have to watch the show twice to get your full share of dancing.

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This is true, which is why I said evening. :joy_cat:. Weekends are different.

@SwagMom, you can look up their schedule on their website. They keep it up to date.


I don’t suppose the Jazz band are scheduled for POFQ that night?

You could also look outside of Disney. I remember doing one of the murder mystery dinners many years ago. Thee are two companies that did them in Orlando pre-Covid. Not sure if both are still operating.

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Thanks, I hadn’t thought to go off property, but it’s a good idea; I will look!

My kids are 21 and 24, and we are excited to be planning one evening at Jellyrolls on our trip in May. Like you this is makeup trip from June 2020, and at that time we were sad we would miss Jellyrolls because my son was only 19 then, so this is a bit of a silver lining to being forced to wait two years. I know it’s not for everyone, but we are all big into musicals and live music, so I’m hoping it’s a fun night out.


I may need to add Jellyrolls to my to do list in July! Thank you for the recommendation!


I was interested in dropping in at Jellyrolls because of the dueling pianos (as a fellow pianist)…but I thought it was an actual eatery and not JUST a bar…so I guess that eliminates that. I wish they offered some food options.

$18/pp just to get inside is a little steep if there isn’t even anything to eat! (Although, I suppose you are paying $18 for the entertainment…)

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Yeah, the cover is definitely a bummer . . . But on the other hand everything else is expensive too, and those guys are super talented, I figure it is like paying for theater. My DH and I had a very memorable evening there the one time we were in WDW in 2007, so I am willing to pay on the hope it lives up to my memory; even back then I remember thinking, my kids would go crazy for this! I am a piano player too (although nowhere near as talented as the people we saw!) and I really love seeing people who are so amazing at the thing I love to do.

Saw on a marketing email today that some DS restaurants are doing a dinner and a show thing with prix fixe menu for people with tickets for Drawn to Life. Requires separate reservations but could be a fun and special night out.|333457424


Interesting. Just randomly picking one restaurant we plan to hit, and appears that it is not really much of a deal. Frankly, we’ll spend far less if we DON’T go with the prix fixe menu, since that involves more food than we would eat! If it included beverages, it might be.

We are looking at going to see Drawn to Life in January 2024, though, so doesn’t impact us, really. I just love how these “deals” are often not deals at all, unless you manipulate things…much like many of the dining plans.

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True. Raglan Road doesn’t seem too bad of a deal at $45 since their entrees are alone $25-27 each. But yes the amount of food would be a challenge for my family too as we don’t normally get desserts and the apps included in most of the choices are also probably not ones we would pick. (See also, e.g., my previous posts about BoG and Artist Point.) But I am sure some will find a good value hack like DDP as you mentioned, and more power to them. Plus there are true kids menus at these restaurants which is really where the other prix fixe dining at WDW kills me.

I just compared the prix fixe for The Edison ($65) vs their menu and just the food is a couple dollars more and the prix fixe includes a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), so that could be a deal.

Noted that there is a 15% AP discount on the regular menu and probably not applicable to the prix fixe menu deal.