Already regret asking, HS counter service?

Working on my touring plan and realized we will be in HS from roughly 4pm to 8pm one evening. We don't have time for a TS but we should stop to eat something. Isn't there a bar, counter or lounge at one of the restaurants where you can grab something without a full ADR or am I making this up? If there is no good option we will eat a late lunch and grab a slice of pizza on the Boardwalk on the way back to hotel but if there is something good I don't know about please tell me.

There are two great lounges. The Tune-in Lounge is attached to 50s Prime Time diner and the Hollywood Brown Derby also has a walk-up lounge with it's own menu. I don't think either would be fast, but the both have lots of fans.

Thanks @SallyEppcot owe are the ones I was thinking of but neither is an option under add a meal on touring plan. I think we could manage 45 minutes. Do you think that would be enough time to grab a couple of apps and a drink at one of those?

I have no experience. Maybe someone else will chime in. smile

We got in quickly at Tune-in when they opened at 11am, but 4-8? Unless you're there when the crowds are very low, I think you'll be waiting.
God luck!

I stopped in at the Tune In during a trip last May. I sat at the bar and we ordered a couple of drinks and split a fried chicken dinner. It was pretty quick and a great time.

Both fantastic choices. The only options for me at DHS. You can order off the Brown Derby main menu or a separate tapas-style menu at their lounge: the Wagu beef burger is the thing to get there. Fun cocktail samplers too. Tune-in is fully off the 50's menu: fried chicken and a PBJ shake always hit the spot there. 45min isn't unreasonable at all for either. You can ask for the check right away. One wild card is availability. Tune-in has far less seats. But, they are both within easy walking distance of each other. And, eating during off hours always works for me. Other wild card is weather for the Brown Derby Lounge which is outside.

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You can just add the restaurant on the TP knowing you'll actually hit the lounge

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I am thinking we could go to the Brown Derby lounge after Fantasmic (6:30 show). It is an EMH night and I realized there aren't many things available during EMH that we want to ride so this might be a nice break.

I went to the Brown Derby lounge this summer for lunch and it was delicious. It was not crowded and the service was quick. It is so nice having a nice meal without having to be tied down to an ADR. I hope it works out for you.

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Tune-in is one of my favorite spots in DHS; I never miss stopping in for a drink. HBD Lounge is also very nice for a drink; can't really comment on the food as I haven't eaten there. If no kids involved, I highly recommend either one. I'm old fashioned and grew up in a time when it was legal to drink at 18, but under 18 could not even enter a bar - and both of these locations really are bars (both of these locations are retro-"lounges" - and in the 40s and 50s "lounge" meant "bar with some comfy chairs". I know that I am in a tiny minority of Liners, but even "at Disney" I believe there are some places that are not really intended for children.

Back on topic. Although the "foodie" in me shudders even as I write this, I went to Pizza Planet for the first time in MANY years during SWW this past Spring and was actually pleasantly surprised at how inoffensive it was. Certainly not as good as MM, and not even in the same universe as VN, but I would put it in the same league as most of the chain home delivery brands. Above soapbox notwithstanding, if kids are involved, I think they would enjoy the atmosphere of PP way more than the more adult theming of TIL or HBDL


Sad but true, when we just want to grab a little snack, we enjoy the hot dogs with truffle oil mac'n'cheese up at Fairfax Fare. The ribs also look awesome, although I've never personally had them.

If it's open (which is not all that often apparently during slower times) min & Bill's is a great little counter service place. Limited menu, but what there is, is really good.

Yeah, I had the BBQ pork and slaw hotdog at Fairfax Fare recently, and it was pretty similar to the one at Casey's in MK, pretty yummy.

We've also had two good experiences at Backlot Express. I like the seating in the porch area with ceiling fans and white metal tables, very sweet.