Aloha Isle

Anyone ever got ice cream at Aloha Isle where they would not substitute the flavour? We asked for Coconut instead of Pineapple, they said it was not allowed. Never had issue before.

So I had that issue at Storybook Treats. They would only sell the lemon in the new Snow White cone and would not make it into a float. I guess certain flavors they only sell as whatever specialty item they were created for.

At Sunshine Terrace they let us have the t
Lava float with orange fanta!

Seems stupid but I guess it’s not Burger King :woman_shrugging:t2:

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It was weird, because we have totally substituted for the Coconut before. We got the Fifi, Gigi, Mimi. We told her not to put the pineapple on then if we couldn’t sub, she still did :triumph: Made for a disappointing end to the trip.