Almost no FPP availability 60 Days Plus

It’s slim picking right now. I couldn’t get anything in the morning for MK 60+ days out. 66 days out the only FoP i could get was at 7:30pm…
Is this normal? All my touring plans are pretty much shot now. I’m going to redo them all but yeah kinda disappointing :frowning:

This is definitely not normal. However, all the March / April / May trips people made were cancelled. I’m sure a lot of ppl rescheduled to June / this summer. No one knows if / when the parks are really going to open and what it’ll be like when they do. I don’t know how many FPP are currently being issued. It may less than normal due to closure concerns.

Personally, I have had a trip planned for 2020 for sometime. I already made deposits on 3 back-up trips each in different months just to be covered. GL!


guess I’ll just keep checking and maybe more will open up in the next 30 days.


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When I was looking at this a few weeks ago, there was SUDDENLY a disappearance of a lot of FPP availability. Some things went to no availability even though there was plenty before.

I think Disney has potentially dropped FP availability entirely for some rides, and severely reduced it for others.

But this is conjecture. I couldn’t see how else those dates would suddenly have changed so dramatically.

What it suggests to me is that, IF they had hoped to open for those dates, they already have plans to have FPP possibly eliminated for some rides (or perhaps even the ride not available at all), and reduce capacity dramatically for others.


There was zero availability for BTMR 60+ days and the only PPF i could get was late afternoon at 63 days out… I took what i could get but I’m not sure how the touring is going to work.

BTMR was to be under scheduled refurbishment. Now, I assume that is on hold now…but it is unlikely Disney updated the database. Are your dates during the time period BTMR was scheduled to be closed? That would explain zero availability.

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The website says “From May 4 through May 21, 2020, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be closed for refurbishment.” I was looking at June 22-25. Yeah that would explain if they can’t work on it it will get pushed out.

Looking at the FastPass+ Availability tables here, my 60 day selections look like 30 day or worse.

Wondering if they are preparing for a possibility of having more virtual queues for the big ticket rides when they initially open and not having fast passes?

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I agree with Ryan, not normal and it was a sudden change. I think this is a big sign that things won’t be normal for June… Not what does that mean and to what extent? No one really knows.

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I wonder what crowds will be like… Hopefully we know more in another 30 days or so. So frustrating I feel like I’m stuck in limbo with planning. At least all my ADR are set…

This is not normal. My guess is also in line with prior posters … WDW is limiting the number of available FPs for June. Even if WDW is open in June (which I think is unlikely), WDW probably wants too keep its options open in terms of how social distancing will work in the parks (and part of that plan may be limit attendance and FPs.

A FL State task force was announced to address the gradual reopening of all the parks.They are aiming for June. It will most likely start with state residents, then national and international visitors. Its still too early to know for sure however.

I have a DVC rental I can’t change until its formally closed to me so I’m stuck with my current situation of going a head…

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Just one fool’s opinion, WDW is limited that available FPP because they are anticipating having to limit the number of guests inside the parks to maintain social distancing. They don’t want to have to have guest reserve a FPP then cancel later to due to social distancing requirements.

Much easier to add more FPP later if they can figure out how to increase acceptable social distancing capacity.


I think it was a Kenny the Pirate article that alluded to Disney reducing FP availability this summer.
The article was actually about something else which I’m not recalling currently. The subject might have been what FL and Disney opening would look like.

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I have a tentative trip booked for 6/24-30 and booked a leading reservation last weekend due to concern about this. I was able to book everything I wanted at 60+7-11 days. So there are FPP for everything but obviously less inventory offered. Never used this strategy before, but panicked this time.


I’m thinking about this option as well if good FP’s remain so scarce, and I get the ethical issues surrounding this. I see it along the same lines as using another MDE for party tickets to have more pre-scheduled FP’s (which we were set to do on our cancelled trip). No judgment here.

We are tentatively rebooking for late July to use the recovery deal for free DDP. For the leading reservation, did you add on more days at the same resort, or create a split stay with a second resort? Would that make a difference with ease of booking FP’s or the eventual cancelling of the leading days?

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I created a split stay, and will still have an on-site stay for the FPP dates. I’m not a pro at this, as I said never done it before. So I view this as an experiment and I figure less than 50% likelihood the trip will happen at all due to closures. Just cancelling a second reservation seems easier to me than worrying about modifying dates, especially with a package. FWIW I don’t see any problem at all with the party ticket scenario, if you are basically paying twice for park admission that day you should get two sets of FPP!

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Good to know. So booking the leading reservation online with a check-out date matching the check-in date for the real stay is all you have to do and MDE treats it like one long stay for FP purposes? No phone call needed?

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