AllStar Music

Hello! Can anyone tell me if there are microwaves or coffee pots in the regular rooms - not a family suite. I don’t think so with what I’ve looked up but I just want to check…

Also, is there hot water available in the lobby by the coffee and hot chocolate or a microwave available in the lobby?

My daughter is asking for oatmeal for breakfast while we are there. We are flying so I am not bringing a hot water pot along. Lol.


No microwave in the room.
Pretty sure there was no coffee maker either. Until they do the full refurb of all the values, there won’t be.

In the food court you can get hot water (usually a spigot on the side of the coffee machine). There are microwaves and toasters by the pizza pick up window.


Coffee maker are only in the new refurbished rooms at All Star Movies but Music is next after Movies is done. No microwaves in the rooms at the All Stars, but in the food court has a microwave and also hot water.