Allegiant airlines

Has anyone flown in to SFB via Allegiant airlines? How did you get to WDW and what was the cost? I could save $600 on 4 flights if I went this route.

Yup, we've done it multiple times, and I just booked another flight this afternoon. We use happy limo to get to the hotel. It's definitely more expensive from SFB, but the overall savings of using Allegiant and the direct flight were worth it. The smaller airport is much nicer in getting thru security too!

Do you know about how long of a drive it was to the WDW resorts?

About 75 min to the MK resorts, at 4:15pm on a Friday. I think there's other car services too, but we do like happy limo. We generally get a Suburban.


Rental car. Sometimes just breaks even with cost of renting vs savings in plane tix. Depends on the deal you get for a car. But the plus is then you have a car to go offsite .

wow. just looked, 168. nonstop round trip burl vt to sanford/orlando. wish I'd known this for recent trip. but I bet more expensive in summer weeks? also, how have you liked flying with this airline? I'm not familiar with the name.

We use Allegiant a lot! Five trips this year, in fact. There are 4 airports near us that fly direct to SFB. We rent a car which we pick up at the airport. Using, we can usually get a car for $150-$180 for a week. Be aware that while the flights are cheap and direct (awesome!), Allegiant will charge you for everything they possibly can, from an oversize carry on to a glass of water. It's about an hour from SFB to WDW, which we think is worth it for flying into the small airport with no waits for luggage or rental cars.

@PackTheCar- thanks for that info. did you find summer rates much higher than fall? would I be allowed to take shoulder bag, small leather bag on plane with me, rather than checking it? TIA.

Rates really vary. We flew to WDW in Aug and total cost for 4 people, with seat selections, 3 bags, and 1 carryon was about $900, one way. The tickets I bought yesterday were $113 each, total cost of $595 for 4 people, including bags and seats. Delta wanted $1500 to go to MCO, and American was $1800.

Overall, yes, Allegiant prices vary, but I personally don't think it's too bad. The highest I've seen was $330 and that was over Thanksgiving. You can take 1 personal item on for free that can fit under the seat, but they will charge you for an actual carryon. Also, luggage can only weigh 40lbs, not the standard 50.

@HappyEeyore Thanks. Well, I guess that brings us back to square 1. SW was 1400 rt 4 people mid aug this yr. We can only go summers these days b/c my Ddil has school job. Next trip we'll be able to drive I think, using 2 priuses, so gas savings.

To be fair, we booked the flight only about 4 weeks out. It may be cheaper if you book sooner. Also, we're flying from IA, where airfares still tend to suck on a good day. smile