All TSL rides to be tier 1

All 3 TSL rides will be tier 1, everything else is tier 2.


This is very interesting! It will be good for adults and older teens who want to do all the thrill rides.

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I just logged on to post this, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:


Rare that I beat anyone to anything!

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I’m very pleased with this announcement because I can now FPP ToT and RnR. I always expected that TSMM, SDD and ASS would be Tier 1. I’m guessing everyone will try to FPP SDD and queue for TSMM. Someone on the Liners app suggested ASS is the new Na’vi, which may well be right.

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Pretty happy about RnR becoming a Tier 2!


That‘s great news. Saves a ton of time :slight_smile:

Great news! Thanks for sharing!

Perfect - we have three HS days planned for September, so will do one of the Tier 1 rides on each day. :+1:

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I wonder if this is smart in the long term.

Although I do expect some changes once SWL opens in 2019, I am a little concerned about the feasibility of the other rides carrying FPP all on tier 1 successfully. And I also wonder if all three rides at TSL will need to be tier 1.


I definitely can’t see it staying like this.

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I don’t think the Saucers will need to be, but I’m selfishly pleased if it is, since that will make our FP planning super easy. :blush: It wouldn’t surprise me if they “demote” it to a Tier 2 after the initial TSL mania has died down though.


I also am not unhappy with it at least in theory. But I do wonder if the other rides can handle more FPP per day or if getting those FPP will be challenging.

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Anyone have a proposed TSL touring SWAG yet? If all of TSL is Tier 1 would the best bet be still to get FP for TSMM and then walk on the 2 new rides? Or would it make more sense to FP Slinky? TSMM obviously isn’t new so it may not have the initial “Shiny New Ride” lines that the other 2 will get. Any ideas on how the throughput on Slinky/ASS will be?

We will be there mid-July and will thus need to guess on the optimal strategy before TSL opens. I guess we can tweak the plan after the initial reports come back but we’ll likely be committed on the FP front…

I think it might make ToT and RnR the hardest to get of all the FPs.

They’re the only thrill rides. And everyone who likes them will pick both of them, plus one of TSMM and Slinky. So in theory they could go twice as fast as any of the TSL ones.

This will definitely change though, as soon as SW:GE opens.

Both Star Wars rides and the Mickey train will be tier 1, almost everything else will be tier 2. Possibly Slinky will stay Tier 1.


My plan is to (try to) get FPP for SDD, TOT and RNR, and then to get in line for TSMM. This is based on the belief that SDD will be more popular than TSMM and with a lower throughput. Also that the line for TSMM will be indoors and maybe the SDD line won’t be.


I think I’m leaning much the same. TSMM lines have gotten better with the 3rd track too. Worst case we have done TSMM a lot over the years while Slinky is new so if I could only do one without ginormous waits, it would be Slinky first…

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This is better than I hoped for. I couldn’t care less if I ever rode TSM again, so SD, ToT, and RnRC are the obvious choices for FPPs, and then hit Saucers right at RD. Then try to get a 4th for ST. When SW:GE opens, I expect the two SW rides, MMRR, TSM, and SD will be Tier 1, and Saucers will drop down to Tier 2 with all of the others

But, once SW:GE opens DHS will become pretty much intolerable. The park does not have enough other attractions (or restaurants, or other infrastructure) to support the 10s of thousands of people who will be overwhelming the park to see SW. There will be long waits just to get into the land, and then crazy lines for the two rides. Outside of SWGE, there will be huge lines for attractions, “sold out” shows, impossible to get ADRs and long QS lines for food. Bathroom lines will look like those for the porta-potties at a major fair or festival. Buses will be packed, with long lines for buses going to/from the park. Cars will be backed way up trying to get into the parking lot. The new gondola system will be completely overwhelmed, with long lines at every station. And the park will be filled with frustrated, tired, hot people, many of whom will fall outside the traditional “Mom and Dad and 2 kids looking for a ‘magical’ experience” mold.


In your shoes, this is exactly how I would approach it. Personally the Saucers interest me more than TSM, so I would RD those, but otherwise my plan would look just like yours.

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I’m interested in watching the ride in operation, but I’m not that bothered about riding it myself. It skirts dangerously close to going round in circles, which I don’t do.

That being said, I think it’s going to be more than merely a rip-off of whatever ride it’s a rip-off of at DL. Isn’t there something to do with a saucer being chosen by some kind of big grabby hand like those fairground games? I’m assuming it will be visually impressive.