All the Recent Cuts...Trying to See If I Missed Any

  1. Muppets Present Great Moments in History
  2. Buridika Band
  3. Coco w/Mariachi Cobre
  4. Jammitors shows cut from 7 days a week to 5
  5. Drummers in Japan cut from 7 days a week to 5
  6. Royal Majesty Makers
  7. Dino Dance Party

Kenny the Pirate says DiVine being eliminated is a RUMOR he’s heard from a couple of places.

I had all of the above in my TP for this next trip. DH and I had an extra day by ourselves in both MK and AK and were planning to do the above things next month.

I will have to check to see if Jammitors and Drummers are on our Epcot days and adjust accordingly.

I had muppets and got alert from TP it’s not available and had to remove …sad trombones

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Arrrgh I didn’t know about Coco too! I was excited to see that. Anyone know of any other Coco-related things to do in the parks?

Does anybody know if Divine was cut after all? She still shows up in touring plans but I can’t find any information on Disney’s website about her.