All Stars tour

Are the All Stars all joined together? So you could do a big tour of them all and look at all the theming and whatnot?

They are all right next to each other but I don’t know if there’s a walking path to get from one to the next.

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You can walk between them. You might have to go through the parking lot, but you can certainly “tour” all of them.


I’m just thinking of what I might do on my arrival day (well, night). I’ve stayed at Pop a couple of times but have never bothered to take it all in.

Yes, you can walk between them. We even took buses to neighbouring AS music from a park when staying in AS movies.
It will be a long walk though to tour all three.


Disney Springs? Cirque du Soleil maybe?

There is a bridge between Pop and Art of Animation. If you have not stayed or been to AoA, it’s an easy walk and I really like the Cars themed area.