All stars or not

TA had to change us to All Stars Music (from Pop) for free dining
Loved Pop last two times.Buses ok ?sept 13-20

The biggest complaint I hear regarding any of the All-Star Resorts is the transportation. All of the All-Star Resorts share buses which can lead to slower pickup and drop off times.

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We were in All Star Movies April 5th-13th and I was prepared for the worst. It was WAY better than I thought. We used Disney transportation exclusively and we only shared busses with the other two All Stars a few times. Most of the time there was a dedicated bus for Movies.

It was definitely hard to get a seat at the end of the day or if you were heading to parks shortly before or shortly after rope drop, but the waits for busses weren’t as bad as I had them in my head.

The only really bad experience we had was with getting and coming back from Disney Springs. That bus was shared on the way over & cramped both ways. Coming home, there was a dedicated bus for Movies, but it seems like it was just one bus going back and forth & we waited nearly an hour to be able to get on a bus because the line was so long and the bus so infrequent.

But if you take a taxi or UBER to Disney Springs or avoid it altogether you can avoid that pitfall.


That’s what I hear said by some.I also heard they only share around mid-day.
Have you heard this recently

I only stayed at AS once, and it was not a good experience for me. But it was due to other guests and not the resort itself. It was only a 2-night “mini-stay” and I had a car, so I can’t comment on the bus situation. I wouldn’t “not” go back if POP wasn’t available, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

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I seem to be speaking up a lot lately for the All Stars. I stay at music, have stayed twice, have a trip in 7 days there, and another on September.

First and most important you are still on Disney property.

I am not talking about the suites, have not done them.

2 Full sized beds, no slide for pools, yes you share a bus, but at the slow times not peak times. There is only one sink. The vanity is small, and the dresser is only three drawers.

It can feel cramped. It can get loud. A lot of groups go there because of the price. Kids everywhere can be loud, not just at the values, you can get this at the Deluxe too.

It is clean, it is maintained. The buses have a queue, so no cutting as easily as there is at mods and deluxe.

For me my travel is not 2 adults. We each take our own bed. The room is fine. We only sleep there. Most of our time is dedicated to being in the parks. It works for me.

If it were my family of four, I would try and pay for a moderate, two rooms at value, or I may gasp have to go outside of Disney property.


We stayed there years ago. It was clean an adequate. Rooms aren’t huge - but were close to the main area so it was nice. If you can - I may suggest getting a car

One thing I do want to add about the transportation: For half our stay my husband’s cousin and his wife and son were in the room adjoining us and they had a car for transportation. We left the parks the same time as them always and we beat them back to the hotel every time.

Two times they did stop at McD’s but every time we would leave MK we beat them by far because they had to ferry/monorail, tram THEN drive. Also, everywhere else they had to at least tram before getting to the car.

On the flip side though, the two times we were meeting them at a different resort for dining, they beat us by far. They offered to drive us both times but because there weren’t enough seatbelts/carseats to keep it legal & safe, we kept to the Disney transportation.

@lolabear_la - that is a valid point. Probably point to point for a resort to a park and back - Disney is good (unless you have to wait for a 2nd bus due to capacity). Going from resort to anywhere else and back - the transportation falls apart.

Maybe I just have incredible luck… but both times I’ve stayed at All Star Sports (once off peak and once during busy times) buses were never ever an issue. We shared a bus to other All Stars exactly one time over both trips, and we used them at all hours. Not only that, we have never, ever waited for a bus to a park or back to the hotel for longer than 20 minutes.

Interestingly enough, one time we went from Epcot to Saratoga Springs and waited nearly 45 minutes for one to arrive.

Again, I must be really lucky judging from some of the stories/complaints I’ve read on here.

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I was happy to ready your trip report from last fall with such positives about the All Star busses and our experience was not quite so lucky but not too far off. I would stay at Movies again and make sure we took alternative transportation to any Disney Spring outings!

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I agree resort to resort is cumbersome BUT I also felt it gave us the chance to experience a transfer to a monorail or a boat where you are provided some of the best views in the whole place

Depends on what your goals and expectations are.

Just a place to lay your head, clean, on property, easy access to Disney transportation - you’ve got it!

Looking for a quiet, plush high-end experience - you won’t find that here.

We’ve stayed at All Stars (music and sports) and they are just fine. But we prefer NOT to stay there as the beds are small (double). We have developed a deep love affair with AKL but if money resulted in a choice between not going because we couldn’t afford AKL or opting for ASSp/ASMu/ASMo, we would CLEARLY take the value stay and still go to WDW

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Perfectly said.