All star sports touch down buildings preferred?

I was set on requesting a room in touch down, on the back of the building closest to transportation. Now
I have read that it is considered preferred.

Not sure if it is worth still requesting or if I should try for a different area. Any suggestions on what location would be best. I don’t think paying $300 for the preferred is worth it. But my feet might tell me different :wink:
45 days and counting.


I would go ahead and request it. I’ve stayed in Touch down bldg before without paying for preferred. Are all the rooms preferred? Our room faced the parking lot but our view was of landscape. They may not be booked up at the of August so they might honor your request. Have you looked at the TP room views?

i broke the cost down per night and then I felt better about preferred.

Apparently it is a new change. But I am going to take your advice and stick with the request I have set up on my tour plan to send and hope for the best. Worst case I can ask to be moved. I was hoping to stay in the area you did, which is close to the walkway and backs against the landscape not the football field.

It is just hubby and myself going for my birthday, so we are trying to stick to a low budget as we just threw this trip in as an extra haha… I would rather use the $300 for a couple meals and a few Margaritas :tropical_drink:


Margaritas are important!! I don’t blame you

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