All Star Sports Review?

Anyone stayed at All Star Sports recently? Im seeing some reports of Bed Bugs and rooms that smell awful on third party sites. We are heading down in about a week and just wanted to know if anyone else experienced anything like this.

We stayed last year and it was wonderful. The rooms were clean but the carpets were worn they are refurbishing the All Stars starting with Movies. I will be back this summer but we are staying at Movies.

We stayed there in June 2017 & June 2018. I’m usually allergic to hotel rooms but ASSports was great. No bed bugs. We stayed in the home run section. It was very quiet. We’re going back in April.

I want to go in August, we stayed at Pop once and it was great. Looks like rooms are pretty similar ( before the refurb). I heard a lot of people say they were really small, but we were pleasantly surprised, they were fine for us.

I know this post is old, but for future forum searches this may help. We stayed there last year and had a pleasant experience. I am super bed bug paranoid so when I saw a review or two mentioning them I panicked. But upon checking in I did a thorough inspection for them and the room was clear. I recommend doing that everywhere! Our room was clean but worn as most of them are (they will be refurbed eventually). It was a decent size for a family of 4 and we were really only there for a mid day break and to sleep at night so it was just fine for us. We were in the tennis section so it was a little bit of a walk to get to transportation but even then it wasn’t terrible. Other family members were in the surf’s-up section and their room was clean also.