All Star Sports Resort

I booked my holiday here back in January as I thought it would be quieter but the resort is a nightmare at the moment. Lots of groups, one big group on my landing of what appears to be unsupervised teens were running up and down the balcony and all shouting outside. At 12.30 this morning I phoned the front desk and they sent security up. They didn’t run around as much but continued shouting outside and they kept forgetting where their room was and banging on my door, the last time at 2.30am. I won’t ever stay during pop warner again. Also the touring plans busy park forecast appears to be miles off track.

That happened to me at the All Stars last July with teen groups. It was a nightmare. I got moved to a different hotel, I just couldn’t take it. When it happens to you, it’s a terrible experience.

I am so sorry! I have finally scheduled a return trip to POR after about 6 years because of a situation with unsupervised teens. Unfortunately it can happen in many of the resorts. I think some of the responsibility rests with the adults that were not supervising the teens.

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If it happens again tonight, I think I would speak with the manager or supervisor. If it’s a rambunctious group wandering by that wakes you up, that is one thing and something they can’t stop, but if it is continuous or excessive, I would say the resort should do something about it. It is their job to provide a good experience for your stay a well. If it requires walking security to keep noise to a dull roar and teen guests behaving, then so be it. I agree with @PrincipalTinker that it falls on the adults who were not supervising the teens. Unfortunately, you cannot address them and have to work with hotel management for a suitable solution. Good luck.


I officiate a number of youth athletic events and constantly run into this issue where traveling teams are are not properly supervise at night. It’s definitely not just a Disney thing.