All Star Sports - March 2017

Our family has stayed at this resort without any issues, but it was years ago. This trip was not as uneventful.

My brother and I got adjoining “preferred” rooms. First, most nights the groups of teens were carrying on til 11 pm on the field outside our room. Still, when you are tired from the parks, you can sleep through anything.

Worse–both rooms smelled like mildew and mold. I aired my room out the first night, exhausted by an 18 hour drive. We also had to use the heat. This dried the moisture out of the air the first few nights and it was much more bearable.

Mid-week, a/c was needed the smell came back, especially my brother’s room. We decided to take it to the Concierge. They promised to deep clean the rooms, but since that includes chemicals and shampooing carpets, I had to decline for my room. I am allergic to chemicals and if there were any mold spores in the carpet, wetting it would reactivate them. My brother’s room was better after the cleaning, and I opted to turn off our ac for the rest of the week.

Our last day, my allergies gave out and I was sick for a week after. My daughter was coughing so hard the last few days, she bruised a rib.

Disney gave us extra fast passes. When I came home, I wrote to them about my disappointment that the magic failed me. I was offered a $100 refund.

It might be time for Disney to renovate this resort. It was what we could afford, but I never want to stay there, again.

The problem is - even as a VALUE resort - these are expensive rooms. They are a Motel 6 with big icons stuck outside. We have stayed there as well and I find little value to them. Regardless of cost, a good, CLEAN, pleasant stay is reasonable to expect. WDW has fallen down on its game a bit.

Exactly. It takes forever for me to save to go to Disney. I expect that my room will at least be serviceable even if I am staying at the value resort. It begs the question what a non-preferred room may entail. Mildew and mold are a huge health hazard, especially for guests with allergies. Yes, I could have had them move me to a new room. However, unless they moved me to an entirely new building, the chances are the HVAC system would be the same.

I appreciate that some compensation was offered. However, years of saving to get to Disney make it seem like a very small gesture, on their part.

I would highly recommend people with allergies stay away from this resort. I believe that it is in the HVAC system, which means you are taking a chance on exposure. They did change the filters for our rooms. I still chose not to use my AC the rest of the week.

That sucks. What is is saying that the VALUE resort is still a LUXURY for so many of WDW guests.