All Star Sport rooms-all refurbished?

Hello! I am finding conflicting information on the internet about ASsports. Does anyone know if the rooms in all of the building are refurbished now? I have preferred booked, but I’ve read that those are still double beds with the old carpeting. I do NOT want an old room…:face_with_spiral_eyes:


According to the 7/27 update from Disney Tourist Blog only building #1 is still incomplete. Not sure if they are actively working on it and it’s out of commission or if it’s still rentable without being refurbished.


June 2022 we had preferred Sports booked. No carpet in our room but old style beds.

Old news I know. Was happily surprised to see no carpet, at that time.

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When is your trip? This Plan Disney blog post from April claims a CM told them the refurb was already completed at that time. That seems to conflict with @LTinNC82’s info. Either way, chances are you will have a refurbed room. I would confirm as such when you check in and request a move if not.


Mid September. From what I can find, every building is completed except for Building 1 which is one of the preferred buildings closest to the main lobby, etc. It’s as if they refurbished every other building but then just stopped. In my touring plan room request, I requested a refurbished room anywhere in building 6 so we’ll see!


We were in bldg 1. Interesting. I wondered at the time why new floors only.

Hopefully you’ll be nearer bldg 7 than 5. :crossed_fingers: