All Star Resorts - Which one of the three do you prefer and why? I'm looking to make reservation in August

I’m looking to book a quick weekend visit in August, hopefully for the AP preview of SWGE.

Never stayed at a value resort, we always stay at the CSR or a deluxe but this will be a quick visit and looking for a low price and just a place to sleep for two nights.

They look very similar to me, looking for advice based on past experiences.

BTW, Pop not available for my dates, and not interested in AoA.

Thank you

I’ve stayed at all three and they are similar (layout, offerings…etc). I would look at those that have already been refurbished with the laminate flooring as they have a fresher look. It seems that Movies has a lot of good secret menu options in their food court and good (and ever changing) cupcake offerings. But, if it is just a place to sleep, that may not even matter!

I think Movies is prettier than the others.

Another thing to consider, I think Movies refurb is completed and I don’t know about the 2 others…

According to the renovations thread on disboards, at movies buildings 4 & 6-10 are complete, 1-3 are in progress, and 5 has not been started.

Music and Sports haven’t been started at all.

@cherokee_jacket if you want a renovated room, I’d book movies. Conversely, if you dislike the new look (and I know some people do), I’d do sports—I believe music is next up after movies is complete.

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Thanks for clarifying ! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the un-refurb rooms look like but we had a refurbed one at Movies last November and it was pretty great.

I guess my advice with this new info would be to definitely choose Movies and ask for a refurbed room ! :wink:

I know that the renovated Pop upgraded the beds from a double to a queen size is this true for Movies as well?

Yes! This is a good run through:

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I’ve only stayed as ASMo (we tacked on two nights ahead of our move to POR) but loved it. We had a renovated room in the Herbie section (obtained via TP room request fax). I picked it due to the theming and that it was the only renovated (partially) AS resort.

It worked great for a very short stay. I wouldn’t be able to hack it for a week with my whole family but would absolutely pick it again for a quick weekend visit.

I would suggest requesting corner room, top floor as there was a lot of noise from other rooms. I think that was largely due to the lack of carpets.

Last year we stayed at ASS and this year we stayed at ASMo. Most of ASMo is renovated, Mighty Duck section and the last 101 Dalmatians are being worked on now. Building 5 has not been touched as of 6-30. We were up graded to a preferred room because the Mighty Duck section was being worked on. I asked for a renovated room but of course they no longer have king beds in the renovated rooms (at least that is what I was told). We were given building 5 and the room was nice we had no complaints except that the bathroom door would stick a little. I like the All Stars and will be back again in the future. Only once did we wait for a bus and that was because there was already a ECV in the first one so we waited maybe 10-15 min.

My mom and I stayed at All Star Sports in 2017 for a couple days, and we thought it was great. We’re actually going back in late August and staying there again.

I stayed at Sports in the preferred section - Surf’s Up - and loved it.

I stayed at Music in 2011 for Marathon Weekend but was only in there to sleep. It was fine. I am staying at Music for my trip on Thursday.

Movies…I would only like 3 sections (Dalmatians, Fantasia, and Herbie) and since there is no guarantee…pass.