All Star Resorts -sports or movie?

Talk to me about all star sports and all star movie resorts. Which do you like better? It will be me, DH, DS13 & DS 10. Only staying 1 night and then offsite the rest of the time.

I haven’t stayed at either but if there’s time on our trip, I want to visit movies for pictures in the Toy Story and 101 Dalmatians sections. They also have the secret menu in their food court which would be really cool.

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ASMovies is under some construction until sometime into 2019.

All 3 of those resorts are pretty similar. I actually prefer Music.

They are also right on top of each other. I almost parked in the Sports lot once. It’s all connected. So, if you wanted to visit the others, it’s easy to do.

I would go with which ever is the least expensive.

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