All-Star Music vs. Sports

Which is the better place to stay as far as transportation goes?


They’re going to be practically similar I believe, being right next to each other.

If you’re debating between the two I’d take property and room theming much more seriously into consideration.

Sports has a few hundred more rooms, and you might be looking at more large groups there due to sporting events depending on when you go. That might make transportation at Sports a little longer, but I’d still call it a wash.

Movies has been updated and Sports has not. That being said I have a good friend that has stayed in both and this is what she said about Sports:

She would not pick a preferred room by the pool- too noisy. Although the room was not updated, with two mobile boys, the set up of the Sports room gave the boys more room to move around the room. She also thought the food in the food court was very good. Finally, when buses were shared- Sports was the first stop.

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Music is my least favorite resort. I cannot express enough how terrible that walk to standard rooms is at the end of the night. Or if you want a drink in the morning. Sports is actually my favorite although I hate it’s not refurbished like the others.


ASMu was my least fave resort too that I’ve stayed in so far but I can’t comment on which to choose as I’ve never stayed at Sports and I stayed at Music before the refurb. But I wholeheartedly agree with you. I think we were in Jazz or Broadway…we were very close to the piano pool and I was solo with a 3 and 5yo and that walk was murderous even at my young age after a long hot June day in the parks pushing them in the double umbrella stroller even.

*I will add that during busy times like morning and evening you won’t share a bus with the other resorts but I do think Music has the most rooms of the resorts so possibly more competition for the bus than Sports. Sports is first I believe when it’s a less busy time and the resorts share a bus so it would be better in those moments probably but that’s just a guess since I have no actual experience to base that on.

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I can’t speak for these 2 All star resorts. We stayed in ASMo at the end of November/beginning of December and had a nice stay. We were at the edge of the resort in a standard room and used the bus stop at ASMu. It was quiet and the refurbed rooms were nice.

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