All Star Music Family Suites- will I regret this?

I just modified my reservation from CBR w/ 5th sleeper to the Sun & Fun room only discount for a family suite at ASMu. There are 5 in our party: me, DH, DD19, DD17, DD14 (almost 15). I made the change because the $$ is about the same and now we’ll have 2 bathrooms. With 3 teen girls, I’m sure we’ll very much appreciate 2 bathrooms! However, this resort and these rooms look really worn out and I’m concerned about their comfort sleeping on the fold-outs. They are all petite girls- 2 are 5’ and 1 is 5’2".
FWIW- this will be our 5th trip and we’ve stayed at value, mod and deluxe in the past. Obviously, deluxe is our fave, but the budget rules on this trip.
Can anyone give their opinions about the sleeping comfort of the fold-out beds and state of the rooms? Thanks and happy new year!

I have stayed at music at least 5 times now. It is my go to resort. I have not done the suites as ut is just me and DH.

But twi bathrooms will be welcome I am sure.

The all stars are slated for rennovation. They are getting a bit dated and worn, but I feel clean and still has Disney magic.

There is one bus stop. And truthfully the alm stars are close together so it is not unheard if for me to jump on a different all stars bus. And the music is in the middle if the three. In some cases your room may be closer to a different reaort bus than your own. It depends on the layout.

The suites I believe are mostly jn the Calypso and Jazz buildings which are the closest to the main area and main pool.

And honestly how much time do you really stay in the room?? Most of yoyr time is out in the parks

If there is anything else I may help with ask and I will try.

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I stayed in one a couple of years ago. Overall, it was great; having the extra bathroom was nice and our location was quiet and a shorter walk to food and buses. Honestly, the foldout sofa was not very comfortable but I believe you can ask for an egg crate mattress topper, which would help. I am 5’2 and older and was able to make the sofa bed work. I would stay in a family suite at ASM again. I hope this helps.