All Star Movies sold out for Valentines 2022. Seriously?

Going to Orlando for 12 days in February 2022, will stay a few days at Universal and planned a week at Disney. Since I want to limit my budget and I like the ASMovies Theme and new rooms I booked there, with the exception of the last night 11/feb which is sold out. In the site chat, the cast member said it is because it’s Valentine’s weekend. Seriously? A romantic weekend out at the ASM? Thinking of booking that last night at Pop Century in hopes something opens up at ASM. What are the chances?

As someone who has done a LOT of hotel date searches in the name of research, my first reaction was, “probably a glitch and the CM is just throwing a guess excuse out”.

But, I just ran a bunch of searches on 3rd party sites and looks like nights of 2/11 to 2/13 are all coming up sold out.

I’m with you though - seems off only Movies would already be sold out even with Valentine’s day in there. Why not Pop or others too?

I had something similar happen years ago with CBR where I couldn’t get one day added - I obsessively kept refreshing the search page each day and eventually things opened up. Good luck!


February is a big month for Cheer/Dance competitions. These groups frequently stay at the All-stars. I’m not sure if that’s the case here, but it would not surprise me.


Yep, That was my thought too. There seems to be nothing announced yet, but the chances are there’s a competition on that weekend and they’ve block booked rooms.

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Just found online, UCA Nationals 11-13/Feb Walt Disney World. Not being from the US I had no clue, but it is our last night in Orlando, I don’t think it will be a big deal, will just book the last night at another hotel. Disney transfers your luggage from one hotel to another if you have a split stay, does that work well?