All Star for one night?

We are renting points at Boardwalk Wed-Sun this coming November. We will probably fly in Tuesday night so looking for options for a place to stay just for Tuesday night. We will probably hit up Animal Kingdom first thing Wednesday morning and then head to BWV from there once our luggage is transferred and room is ready.
Where would be a good place to stay Tuesday night? If I can get cheap, last minute points, I would try to AKL. If not, which of the All-Star resorts does everyone like best?
If I were to book an All-Star room now, can I cancel that reservation in the fall without penalty if I’m able to get into AKL for cheap?

I preferred Movies to Music (theming-wise); but they were otherwise the same. I don’t know the answer to your question about the penalties as I bought travel insurance due to some things that could have derailed our plans. I think up to 30 days out is the cutoff, but not positive.

30 days is the cutoff as far as the penalties go. I very much prefer All Star Movies to Music. The themes are better, the rooms are more fun, the pool is nicer. Also, try your hardest to get a preferred room too, its worth it. You can also try and call and have disney modify your reservation to AKL.

We would only be spending the night there and heading to a park in the morning - so not really much time in the room and definitely not at the pool or other amenities. If we were to stay at AKL, it would only be by renting discounted points so that reservation can’t be modified.
I’m thinking of booking an All Star now - and then cancelling if I can pick up discounted points for AKL in the fall.
I just wasn’t sure how that works - sounds like I would get a full refund if I cancelled All Star before 30 days?

Correct. You just have to cancel it by day 30 before the trip.

For a room only reservation, no package, the cancellation policy is 5 days prior to check in.

Does it have to be on property? Will you have a car or are you taking express? If you have flexibility to stay off. I would get something off site if you are looking for a bed only.

No, we will not have a car. We are taking DME.

all stars then for the cheapest. However take a look out on I remember one time we needed just a night or two. It was cheaper on and we got a moderate instead of a value