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Can you clarify something for me? I thought the system wouldn’t show you FPP available for times that you already hold a FPP. So, if I have a low value 10-11 HM FP and I’m trying to modify my 4-5 pm 7DMT to an earlier spot. I was under the impression MDE won’t show me a 7DMT that is available between 10-11 since I can’t book overlapping FPP. I asked about that apparent flaw in the system in another forum and I was told I needed to cancel my 10-11 HM FPP to allow for the 7DMT to show up for that window.


You’re right, in my experience. It will only show intervals around those that you already hold, at least outside of the park. I am also interested in this clarification from @ApolloAndy.


Hmm…I don’t know for sure, but that sounds right. You probably need to be looking/holding an FP for a outside your current window.


The app will show the times, but will have a note saying that you already have a fast pass experience booked at the same time. You can choose another attraction and override the original plan however.


Are there FP drop times for Navi River?