All My Bags are

packed and I’m ready to go! :wink: Only 6 days until our first trip to the World. We are so excited. I bought my DD9 the Birnbaum’s Kids Guide and she is picking out restaurants and what rides we will do, (I can’t tell her dinning has been planed for months).The guide has a lot of questionable information, but it has really got her into the planning and we have had fun with it. We spent the day organizing our suitcases and packing everything we wont need during the week. DD7 and DW think we are crazy but we are having fun. I feel so bad for anyone who had their trips hampered by Matthew. Can’t wait to write our trip report, I have had so much fun reading all of the others that I want to share that too. Fortunately this week should fly by, we have so much to do.


I saw your headline and immediately thought “I’m leaving on a jet plane!”. Hahaha! Have an awesome trip!

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The book sounds good, I am thinking of getting one for my girls. Hope your week goes fast for you. Super exciting! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Yay! This feel will fly by! Safe travels!

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That scared me for a second! You sound like you planned a great trip! I look forward to your report!


@Shanny81 I love that song.

@suebedoo, it really is a fun book for kids who can read fairly well, my DD7 reads but not quite fast enough to enjoy that book, but my DD9 loves it, overall it gives them a good idea of all that goes into the trip. I got it fairly cheap on Amazon.

@PrincipalTinker, I don’t know if you were scared because you thought I hadn’t picked restaurants or if you thought I was letting my DD pick. That book has lists for each park that say “get a sweet treat at (insert restaurant)” many of them are not top picks by my research, fortunately some are and I have them planned, so she got to pick those :wink:. I already planned to hit all of the major rides that are open so that was not a problem.


For about 10 seconds I thought you didn’t have any ADRs yet!


waiting to read your trip report :slight_smile: