All I want for Christmas

How long am I going to have to leave this piece of “Mail” on the counter for DH to realize what I want for Xmas??? Hahahaha!!! I know only my liner friends can appreciate this :wink:


‘Like’ so much that pressing the like button wasn’t going to do it. Where’s the super-duper-mega-fantastic button?


Now just tell my DH that!! :wink:

I never got an envelope like that. I may have to give myself a gift next year.

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Mickey is pushing hard… I think maybe because we had APs last year and didn’t renew… We are on the “get them back” list!!!

That’d be the most amazing Christmas present!!!
Your thread title made me think of my personal song/wish though:
:musical_note: All I want for Christmas is to sing on key :musical_note: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I let my APs expire last year too. I did not get a present hint placeholder like that. I feel left out! :cry:

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