All Disney retails stores at Disney Springs to re-open on May 27 per Hollywood Reporter Story(edit)

Although, my mother asked me to buy her barrettes for her hair since it has gone completely wild. Went to Target, and the whole section of hair things was nearly wiped out compared to normal. I guess Bobby pins will soon be the next Toilet Paper.


It has always been that way here! Just try finding blonde bobby pins in Montana. It’s so bad I always look for them when I travel. The most common surnames here are Anderson & Johnson with a few Smiths for good measure, go figure!

At Christmas, our grocery sells lutefisk by the pound.


The next stimulus package may extend the extra $600/week for another 6 months.
Good for some, bad for others

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We are having huge issues with fraudulent unemployment claims here in Washington. The Employment Security Department ended up basically shutting down for several days to try and get a handle on it. Everything put on hold including sending out payments (thankfully since many are going to fraudsters!). What we’ve been told is that this is not a data breach at the state or employer level, but rather someone(s) taking advantage of previous data breaches (like Equifax) and using the data to file claims. It’s been a problem for a while, but the thieves are ramping up big time to take advantage of the increase in claims. Our City alone has had about a dozen fraudulent claims for employees who are still working.

In other news, the slow and steady re-opening of Washington continues with dentists opening next week! I have never in my life been so excited about a dentist visit as I am for my appointment next Thursday. :slight_smile:


I have a dentist appointment in about 3 weeks and I am pretty nervous about it. Has your dentist told you anything about what safety measures they will be taking? I have a doctors appointment the same week. I have already heard from them as to what measures they will be taking.

A little bit. I called today to see if my appointment was really happening. It is. They said they will be calling the night before to ask screening questions of me. They will take my temp when I get there. Please don’t come early or bring anyone along. Masks will be worn by staff and I should wear a mask until it’s time for work to begin. They will provide a mask I think? Also something about hand sanitizer when I get there. More details to come when they call me the night before.

I’m not terribly nervous but I’ve been working this whole time (although not around very many people on a daily basis) and meeting off and on with new employees.

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@illini74 As a matter of fact, yes! I got this today:

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That sounds like what will be happening here in Washington as well. Although, they didn’t say anything about an extra fee.

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Ortho for me, but yes.

My orthodontist has been doing quite a bit since opening beyond emergencies a couple weeks ago. They make everyone where masks outside of treatment time. They check at car and ask questions. Check temp right at door. No one other than patients and one parent (if necessary) allowed in. Very few appointments and only half number of chairs in use. Also all debondings (taking off braces) is happening at one office location and that is the ony thing happening there.

All of the employees are wearing masks and face shields and PPEs gown type coverings.

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Full blog post

Temperature checks required.

Those with temperatures above 100.4 will not be allowed entry; those in their party will not be allowed entry either.

Masks required for everyone aged 3 years and up.

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Face coverings for age 3 and up … good call.

I found it interesting that they said the ride share entrance will be open. I wonder how many people feel comfortable using those right now.


So was I over-reacting that at my son’s ortho appt last week none of the front desk staff were wearing masks and I freaked out in my head a bit? I waited in the car and texted with a friend who is more “re-open” than I am and she pointed out it’s not mandated in my county nor even specifically recommended if they are staying 6’ from him. I figured if I couldn’t get her to acknowledge my concerns, is there really a point to bringing it up with them or the orthodontist? (The direct contact staff had masks on.)

I’m not sure what the state guidelines are in CO re: orthos and dentists. I know I had a real roller coaster of open and closed messages in the week or so leading up to my appointment in April.

It sounds like yours is doing much the same as mine. All front desk personnel are also wearing masks. They pushed the waiting room couch up against the front counter, so people cannot get close to them as well.

“Over reacting” is most definitely a personal thing. Honestly, I’m more agitated to get these things off than fearing catching C19 at the ortho. I feel they are doing all they can do short of on the spot testing (not possible right now) or shutting down completely for an indefinite time. But those people who crammed themselves into that cafe in Castle Rock? No thank you!

This is awesome! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


The Pearl Factory is closing permanently.

This closing is probably going to be the first of many over the next several months as things shake out.