All Circuits Are Busy Now

I’ve been calling all day to try and add Park tickets to our hotel reservation for April 2021 (I’m optimistic!) but I keep getting an error message saying “all circuits are busy”. Anyone else getting this message?

I haven’t tried today but many days in the last 2 weeks I did have this happen. I checked my phone and had dialed over 160 times in one day and never got into a queue. It took me 3 full days of trying to eventually get park pass reservations. Hopefully you’ll have better luck today!

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Have you tried just purchasing them online?

I was hoping to just add them to my current resort package and not pay for the whole thing now, is that possible online?

Just keep dialing if you want to get through, you will eventually get into the hold queue.

Keep trying.

I would say today’s volume would be crazy high again with multiple factors coming into play.

You have a room only booking and converting to a package?

Exactly, back in early April we moved our July 2020 vacation to April 2021 and at the time only hotel was available.

Since anyone can purchase park tickets online today direct from Disney, I would sure hope you could too and combine to your package.

The park booking system is showing all green right now after the week of July 12th for those with hotel reservations…
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No need to panic yet.

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On Wednesday I dialed for hours before being on hold for another couple of hours. As @OBNurseNH advised me, if you stop hearing the music, DON’T hang up, you are still in line.

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Has anyone successfully added days to existing tickets? I am on hold now and hope I’m not wasting my time … my tickets are valid for 2020 but I intend to use them for 2021, so not sure if they will let me modify them or not.

Update: I called in and after over an hour on hold, I was able to modify my 2020 tickets from 5-day PH to 9-day PH, but now they are not valid until the first date of my trip in May 2021 (after the pandemic delay, they were valid any time until 9/2021 - so don’t do this if there is a chance you want to use your tickets in 2020).

I was immediately able to see my new tickets in MDE and make park reservations for my new days. Now I’ve got 9 days worth of reservations, including 2 days at each park (+1 for MK)!

Good luck to anyone else dialing in! Hope you don’t get through the music loop more than once! :joy:

I’ve got an package booked at AoA and a DVC rental at Kidani Village for this December. If I ever am able to talk to a cast member, will they be able to switch the tickets from my AoA package to my DVC room only reservation?

I was able to get through just now.

I only had to dial seven times before getting into the system.

I was on hold for less than a minute, I was able to get my YC reservation moved to the BC DVC.

In total, took less than 20 minutes.

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I got the circuits busy message a couple times earlier but now I’m on hold. For “at least 60 minutes” if they are to believed. Not sure I have that much patience. I need to reschedule my July trip, but not sure if there is any downfall to just cancelling it and scheduling a brand new trip, or if I should wait to have them change it. My tickets and memory maker won’t disappear, right? It appears I can cancel it online, but not make any changes.

I got all excited when the call went through, guess I shouldn’t have.

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