All about MVMCP 2022

Did anyone here attended the first party yesterday? How was it? I’m anxiously waiting for DFB to post a video about it.

So far we have this
:camera_flash: credit DFB

My main questions:

  • crowds
  • wait times:
    :santa: thrill data
  • how early to get there to be inside the park at 4
    :santa: 3-3:30 to be in front of the pack
  • how is it different from 2019
    :santa: no exclusive merch
  • best cookies or exclusive treats
  • second parade still the best approach?
  • what if it rains? (it did rain yesterday)
  • how to ride jingle cruise without waiting 20+ min
  • lines to the characters, best time to get in line and beat the crowd?
    :santa: which characters
  • must do’s
  • touring plan

-etc, etc, etc

Thread about MVMCP 2022 hours


I peeked into a few live streams last night. It seems to mostly be how it was in 2019. I’m waiting on the videos too.


Great thread! I would like to know:
Where are the best characters located- as in characters rarely seen.
Do they have exclusive merch this year?


On one of the streams I watched they were shocked there was no merch. You know they are a merch machine so that was really shocking to me.




I just don’t get this. Same with MNSSHP, no party merchandise. I was hoping it would change for the Christmas party, at least a pin.


It really is shocking considering the fact everything is a merch event nowadays.


Great, I will update the first post to include more questions (and add answers, when we have them).

Probably won’t be as neat and organized as @Jeff_AZ ‘s and @bebe80 ‘s posts, but I will try.


I love your bullets :wink:


I was there yesterday. Figured I’d take a crack at some of these while hold up in my hotel room for hurricane stuffs…

Crowds felt equal to a TP level 2-3. And the crowds were spotty. When I walked past storybook towards Arials, I saw no one but cast. More congested in Tomorrowland and Main St.

I didn’t wait more than 15 minutes for any ride. Most were just shy of walk-on for me.

I tried to get there early, but no dice. I ubered to ttc. Arrived by 4:15. Ferry boat across the pond. In the taps by about 4:40. Since I already missed “rope drop” I was only casually strolling.

I can’t compare to 2019, this is my first MVMCP. I did attend the after hours last year. If it wasn’t for the weather, I think I’d rank the party as better. But considering I had perfect weather last year, and this year, well… I had more fun at the after hours.

I wasn’t able to get to all of the exclusive treats, but I tried. I was saving the free treats for near the end to avoid crowds, but never got that far. The Sandy Claws Peppermint Mousse @ Sleepy Hollow was the standout for me.

I’m very glad I went to the first parade since it was the regular one. Second showing was the rain modified.

If it rains, you get wet. I made a careful plan on what I wanted to do and when with what info was pre-released. I didn’t account for rain, and definitely not rain all night. I winged it. If I was grading myself like back in school, I’d give myself a generous B- on my spontaneous rain plan.

Jungle/Jingle Cruise is better when the sun is up. It was already getting fairly dark when I got to the party. I’m saving it for a regular MK day.

I only met Jack and Sally (Town Square, where Tink used to be) . I got in line as soon as I entered the park (4:40). My photopass is time stamped for 6:14

I’d say parade, fireworks, and space mountain holiday are my must-dos.

I’m honestly not how I would adjust the plan I made up. I’ll have to think about that.


Best is probably subjective. :wink: You can see where the characters are on MDE. I saw Moana near the Tiki room, and I think Ariel with prince Eric near the Little Mermaid attraction in Fantasyland.

More about characters from DFB


Yay, our first MVMCP report! Thank you for sharing

What do people “rope drop”? I suspect the characters? (I’m personally just trying to make it in time for my ADR)

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I kept following the wait times on MDE and noticed all times dropped significantly around 9pm and then increased a little bit again.
( Since Mickeys celebration was cancelled I thought times would go up…)

I’m curious to see if there is a pattern or if it was just a random occurrence. At one time 7DMT posted time was 25 min!

My first party last year I was so focused on getting good spots for Wranglers, parade and fireworks- it felt like I shouldn’t ride anything, or meet characters. Now that I know what to expect, I want to fit in either characters or special treats - in addition to parade/fireworks. I need a touring plan. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah… this will be my first and I’m overwhelmed. I want do everything!!

When are you going? Can’t wait to hear about your experience.

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And yours as well. Squeal!!!


We watched the DFBGuide and Mickey Views about MVMCP. Both were there opening night with all the rain. What a bummer about the rain!

I was surprised to hear the meet and greets were the busiest parts of the event. I will take that as a positive because we have zero desire to do M&Gs. We plan to watch the later parade, the fireworks, and ride some of the rides with overlays. We do have an ADR at 4:30 for Skipper Canteen (we have never eaten there before). The trick is deciding on food. The reporting from DFBGuide didn’t show too many savory options (like maybe 2), so it is really about what dessert item to sugar overload on!


There are 3 party only foods I want to try and I’m hoping at least 1 is portable for a breakfast the next morning. I want the polar bear claw, the tinkerbell cream puff, and the sugar plum shake.

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I thought it was funny that AJ mentioned that shake would be divisive. Sounded gross to me! :wink:

I was drawn to two things in particular. One was the brownie cheesecake thing, and the other was the mousse dessert that came in the plastic ornament ball. My wife was thinking about getting the peppermint ice cream brownie dessert, and we can split it.

One thing I was wondering is if they have sugar-free hot chocolate. It wasn’t mentioned, so I’m assuming not…I really don’t drink hot chocolate much due to the sugar content. But it would be nice, particularly if the temps are cooler, to have something warm.

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