Alexa at Disney hotels ("Hey Disney")

I saw this on the Amazon site today and thought this was interesting. I can totally see this replacing some of the basic housekeeping needs I’ve had (towels, toiletries, etc.)

The main article I found this on - Hey Disney! a magical voice assistant for Alexa

I just read the article. Don’t have these devices in my home. Not sure how I feel about it just yet. Really don’t need or want anyone recording my private conversations. Article states they won’t be recording in rooms. Not sure I’m buying it. Looking forward to others views



Yeah I don’t buy it either. They said the same thing about Alexa when it came out. I refuse to have them in my house.

This is a hard nope from me. Will be disconnecting then in my room.


Glad this won’t be there when we go in 60 days. I don’t have these in my home because I find them creepy.


They had the Google version in the Legoland New York Hotel rooms this summer. They didn’t work when we tried it and we ended up unplugging it. No thanks.

I’m with you guys. I refuse to have them in the house and I’ll be unplugging as well.

I’ll be that guy who still calls or stops by the front desk when I need something, thank you very much.


I seem to recall hearing that some company had indeed honestly not been recording what users said in their homes.
Oh no.
They were monitoring live.
For training & customer satisfaction purposes of course

No thanks.


I swear to God if Alexa is listening to us she is trying harder and harder every day to hurl herself off the shelf and smash herself to smithereens.

We are so boring. Move along ya listen-loos, nothing to hear here


Same. She is mostly hearing me watch many, many hours of Bravo. If the fire tv goes rogue and tries to put on PBS, I would understand.

I have 8 maybe? Use them as intercoms and speakers. I also have a lot of home automation.

Personally, I would rather talk to the magical speaker in my room than wait on hold for 20 min to get more conditioner in my expensive room for four people that only has one tiny bottle.


Wait till they take away the phones.

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Take that back right now!!!

(mostly kidding)

I honestly don’t think they can. There are too many people who don’t know/like the system to pull it completely. Also, I’m not sure they’re allowed to in case of fires or emergencies.

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Are they required to have phones in rooms? Or just in some local codes? I thought there was some chain recently that was doing away with them?

What I’m reading is that they aren’t required, but just an industry standard. I’ve been in plenty of rooms where I had to stand in the corner or on a couch to get any decent signal. I’d hate to be the one with a medical emergency and my phone not able to connect.

I’m seeing on reddit people are trying to get some sort of QR codes that lead to chat with the hotel.

This is seriously dated, back to 2018. Wonder what they’ve done since to get Disney’s attention.

In addition to the need for privacy that sometimes makes a phone handset preferable to a speaker, phones are likely to remain in hotel rooms for some time since assistants like Alexa are not yet able to make emergency 911 phone calls.

Oh, I found it. The Moxy line by Marriott. DD20 was supposed to stay in one in Austin at one point and they don’t have phones. And apparently they don’t have a registration desk either? You check in online and go to the bar to get your room key? Dunno. I never got the whole concept and she ended up staying somewhere else anyway.


Well, I can see the utility of connecting guests to a bartender when they want the front desk.

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Not in my house, not in my hotel room. No ma’am.


I have stayed at the Citizen M chain in London and NYC and they do not have phones. I didn’t miss the phone at all and didn’t even think about it until I saw this comment (I looked at pictures I took of my room to verify). The room has an iPad mini that controls lights, blinds, TV, etc and I would imagine also connects you to guest services.

CitizenM also doesn’t have a registration desk either - you check yourself in at a kiosk to get your key. They do typically have team members nearby to help. Considering how hard Disney pushed online check in during my recent visit, I would expect the check in desk to be a thing of the past pretty soon.

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