Alerts for when wait time drop below certain number of minutes

Hi all,

I’ve got my plans all set up and booked my fast passes. We didn’t quite get what we wanted, but not far off.

What I want to know is if the lines app offers an “alarm” to flag when wait time drop on standby queues. Seems to be a similar feature on the free Seaworld app and i wondered if Lines or some other Disney / Universal apps had this as it would be really useful… Especially for 7DMT which we couldn’t get a fastpass for for love nor money!

Thanks all
Helen (UK)


That’s a fantastic idea!!

@daybreaker or @len We’ve got a smart cookie over here! Would love to incorporate this into TP someday :smiley:


Can’t decide if you’re pulling my leg? Not used to being called a smart cookie… Especially where Disney is involved!!!

Just saw it on the Seaworld app & thought maybe someone had already invented it?

No leg pulling! That’s a really great idea, and something that I’m quite certain does not exist yet on the TP’s!