Alerts for park hours change

Is there a way to get alerted precisely when Disney updates park hours? I’m interested in knowing this because I’m wondering whether I might be able to get a Osa Cantina ADR if they extend HS close from 7p > 8p.

You can arrange this setting in your TouringPlans account. Give me a few minutes and I’ll find it for you and post a how-to

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OK that was easier than I remember LOL

Top left of this screen click on “My Dashboard”
Right hand side of your dashboard, just below purple box advertising TouringPlans travel services, you’ll see “My Profile”
Click “edit”
Make sure the box is clicked to “send alert emails” which is just below your email
Click submit

Now TP will alert you every time there’s an update to dates you’re tracking

Of course that means going to the Crowd Calendar, finding the date(s) in question, and clicking “track this day” under the overall WDW crowd level


Thanks will check it out hopefully there is a way to get text alerts. I have a feeling I might not be the only one waiting for this change to drop.


More ADRs don’t usually show up the same time as the hours extensions, it seems to usually be a couple days later.

Do you have dining reservations alerts? That may be more useful if your real goal is ADRs.

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That too.

I got an alert yesterday for a reservation for today that I had been stalking for a few months. Nailed it! That res finder is amazing!


Make sure you added the trip to your dashboard from a browser, or go in and track each day of your trip .

When I created a trip from the app it does not automatically track the days.


Thanks for replies I’ve had an alert set up for Oga’s on the reservation finder for a few days now and it’s been crickets so far. Anyone know does Oga’s do a virtual queue as well or is it ADR only?

Know that your success with res finder will increase as your dates get closer. Also know that you have to be fastest finger. You get that text and you have to reply immediately. Click the link in the text for best results, and also have a credit card already saved in your profile to save time in the process as well. I missed a few before I was successful, but in 90% of cases I’ve used Res Finder, I’ve eventually gotten what I needed.

Depending on your passion for getting this, you may also want to allow your phone to alert you at night (many people - self included - do not receive texts in the night and in so doing you may miss an opportunity)

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And if the link in the text isn’t successful you need to do two things:

  1. Go into MDE and try to book that way. The link in the text is only good for one person, and the text has likely gone to several people. There could still be a reservation available.

  2. If that isn’t successful, remember to go in and restart the reservation finder.