Alcohol in the MK

In the process of looking at menus for an upcoming trip, I noticed something - all of the TS restaurants in the MK now serve alcohol. I knew it was the case for BOG, but I didn’t know it had expanded to all of the TSs. Not saying this is good or bad, but it seems to have sneaked in under the major radar…

Next thing you know they’ll be selling gum at the Emporium


They’ve been serving alcohol at every table service restaurant at MK for some time. It expanded beyond BoG in 2016:


It’s funny…We hadn’t been to WDW since 2011, and one of the things that hit us first during our visit last month was the overload of alcoholic drink offerings…By the time we visited Mk on Day 4 we were so used to seeing alcohol sold everywhere in the other parks, we assume it was that way at MK. If I have a drink, it isn’t until evening so it wasn’t until then that I laughed, “Where’s all the alcohol at?!”

I’m guessing the theory is by keeping it only at sit down restaurants they are keeping it out of sight vs having people walking around with beer, and that way they are kind of keeping in line with Walt’s wishes.

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I like it that way because although I do drink alcohol at times, I think Disney has gone overboard in its alcoholic offerings at the 3 other parks. I think they should offer non-alcoholic versions of some of the interesting cocktails. I know they do at some locations but every cart I went up to in had cocktails or soda. At EP, I wanted something fruity and icy and had to go to 3 locations to find it.

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