Alcohol delivery to resorts

So, it’s nice that there are several grocery delivery services to choose from (most include beer/wine).

Do you have to be present at delivery to show ID for alcohol, or will bell service take delivery without being there?

No way I’m scheduling in time to be there for delivery.

Garden Grocer allows you to fax photo ID when you order. They will then deliver to the resort.

AFAIK, others require you to be there to show them ID when they arrive. GG is the only one I have heard of which doesn’t deliver “in person”.

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I ordered some wine through Prime Now last month. I fully expected to have to show ID, so when I got the notification that the delivery was on its way I went to Bell Services. Turned out the delivery person had just left, but all my stuff was there, including the box of wine. So, no ID from me. Obviously, other people’s experience may vary.

Of course, the nice thing with Prime Now is that they have two hour delivery, so super easy to schedule it for a time when you know you’ll be there. :slight_smile:

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