Alcohol and Garden Grocer

Has anyone had any experience with ordering alcohol through Garden Grocer? Their track record on groceries and other items is pretty good but I haven’t seen many people talk about their experiences with getting adult beverages through them, Interested to hear any tips or thoughts anyone might have.

Curious also. I just placed my first order last night, and here’s what I can say about the process so far:
I created my account, loaded up my car, and went through the checkout process. At some point, there’s a sidebar that says if you’re buying age restricted items that you have to send them a picture of your ID. Click the link, it opens a form to upload a picture of your license and send it to them. I did that and continued my checkout.

I got a confirmation this morning that my order was all set, no specific mention of the beer. I hope it’s all good, I’m really looking forward to having Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai again! I’ll find out for sure on 4/30.

For what it’s worth, there’s some discussion of this in the comments section of this post:


I loaded my cart up with Cigar City Brews! Going to Orlando for a work conference in June and even with shipping costs and the minimum order requirement, I found it will be cheaper to have beer sent to the hotel. Report back when you can on your experience, it would be greatly appreciated.

I received a courtesy call from Garden Grocer to acknowledge my June order. The employee was very nice and confirmed that my ID was accepted.


I order alcohol from Garden Grocer all the time. I just email them a copy of my ID. Have never had a problem.


Does the alcohol usually show up cold?

Yes they refrigerate it at bell services if need be

Always order alcohol plus food. Love GG, they do not sell hard liquor, but beer, wine and coolers are enough. I have emailed my ID in the past for orders, now I just confirm over the phone. Not even close to under aged :unamused:

For our trip/order last week we ordered 2 kinds of Cigar City 6-packs but one of them was different from what we ordered. It had been delivered to bell services while we were at MK & we didn’t care enough to call them and switch it out; we drank it anyway. I’m not sure if they couldn’t get what we ordered and substituted or if it was just a mistake. Not a big deal but just keep an eye out if you are wanting something specific.

I appreciate you letting me know that. I’m pretty much only ordering beer so it will be interesting to see how accurate they will be with my order.