AKV Early Arrival and TP Room Request

We are staying at AKV in mid-December and have submitted a room request through TP. We will be arriving at AKV early (around 9:30 a.m. to pick up a stroller rental), and I am wondering if noting this arrival time during online check-in will negatively affect the likelihood of our room request being granted? While it would be nice to have the room ready at some point before 4:00 p.m., I have no problem waiting if it gives us a better chance of getting something close to what we requested. Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I had a similar dilemma on my May 2019 trip and I don’t remember what I ended up putting as arrival time on the online check in boxes. We changed resorts 2x on our and arrived late morning at both. We had a rental car so we brought over our luggage and had our bags stored at the new resort before going to the parks.

I think the most important thing is to let the front desk know when you arrive that you are happy to wait for a room that matches your request. We had both our requests filled at BRV and OKW. At BRV, the room was ready 10 - 15 minutes after check in; OKW might have been an hour (I was in the parks at the time).

This is one of the grey areas of reservation requests, and it probably depends on the state of mind of the CM who is assigning rooms. They might think that they are doing you a favor by giving you a room ASAP as you will be arriving early, or they might decide that your requests are more important. To avoid this I would note in the TP request the anticipated arrival time but say that you are willing to wait for a room that better fits your request.

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That’s a great point. I have already submitted my TP request, but may modify it to note the early arrival and our willingness to wait. Hopefully submitting multiple requests will not work against us, especially since the substance of the request will remain the same. Thanks for the advice!