AKL Weekend Trip

Day 1

My wife and I planned a relaxed, resort-only weekend trip. My daughter was dropped off with my parents and we headed out for our annual sans child retreat on Friday, March 6. We enjoyed missing I-4 as we tried the 429 toll road for the first time. It was almost empty and seeing the CR from 429 and entering the world from a different way were some cool firsts. This was a trip of many firsts.

We arrived at our first deluxe resort, AKL, around noon after a three and a half hour drive. We had a 2:15 ADR at Sanaa(our first ever ADR) so we checked into our room,4210, right off the main lobby and with a slight savannah view and got everything put away. We paid for a standard view so I was very happy with the room. The only defect was one of the sinks drained slow so that was mine. No biggie. We walked over to Kidani Village for our ADR, inspecting the pool there. While walking through the kids splash area, DW got sprayed by a flower. It was pretty funny. Got her in the neck. We were way early for our ADR so we went out back to see out the animals. We met Vincent from Namibia and talked animals, Namibian history, etc. I am a history professor and find Africa fascinating. We then headed in to Sanaa. Zack was our waiter and did a fine job. We ordered the bread service with all the sauces. We were going to get one of the paneers as one of the three breads but Zack told us only the naans were made fresh onsite. I could eat at Sanaa every trip just for the bread service. We ordered the appetizer sampler for two which had samosas and lamb kefta sliders which were both excellent. It came with a third item which I don’t recall. DW had the sangria and I had the Johannesburg wine flight. I love some red wine and it did not disappoint.

We walked back to Jambo House, hit up the pool bar for a big island tea and pina colava which were decent, and later on went out to the pool. It was cloudy and cool(mid 60s) so we only stayed in a few minutes before trying out one of the hot tubs. I think I’ve found a new friend, Mr. Hot Tub. Very relaxing and a nice place to meet new friends. That day our family were Ole Miss alum and the next day Akron/Ohio State. We enjoyed talking with both groups and I thanked the OSU family for beating the Crimson Tide. My wife and I both graduated from Auburn University. Enough said.

We stopped by Victoria Falls Lounge before our 8:25 Boma ADR and DW had a smoked turkey, which having bourbon in it makes it revolting to me, while I had the Victoria Falls Mist which I thought was quite tasty.Dinnertime rolled around and while I enjoyed dinner I did not love it. I am glad I tried Boma but do not see eating there again soon. We retired for the evening afterwards with ADRS the next day at Kona Cafe for breakfast and Cali Grill for dinner. To be continued…Hopefully with some photos.


Sounds like an excellent start!

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Sounds like a nice start! I’m sorry that you didn’t like Boma. May I ask what you disliked? It was one of my favorite meals last trip, in part because of the less-typical flavors featured there, but I know that can be a turn-off for some people.

War Eagle :slight_smile:

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I liked Boma. I thought it was good. The watermelon rind salad was excellent as was the pork shoulder especially with the mustard they had. Zebra domes were good and the Kenyan coffee tarts as well. But many other things were less memorable and at 37.99 a head I just thought it was a fair value but there are so many other things to try it will be a while before we roll back around to Boma. I think expectations may have been too high. Or maybe one sit down meal per day may be a good limit.

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I misunderstood initially, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It is pricey, and there are so many different restaurants to try, I can understand not going back soon. For me, it’s an excuse to visit AKL, since I can’t afford to stay there :wink:

Have you tried Sanaa? If so, what did you like/dislike? We thought it was great but skipped entrees with Boma on the horizon.

I haven’t. I have access to a few different (and very good) Indian restaurants at home, and their menu seems to be heavily influenced by Indian cuisine. I love butter chicken and lamb vindaloo, but I have it every couple of weeks. Makes it less appealing on vacation. Next time I’ll be trying Jiko. I’m really excited about it.

Cool. Definitely let us know how Jiko is.

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Thank you for the report! I love AKL! I too was not that impressed with Boma ( but I went for breakfast the day after I had Jiko for dinner). Jiko is my favorite restaurant. I love, love, love Jiko. I enjoy Sanaa as well. I can share a bread service and an entree at Sanaa and have a great meal that is actually pretty cheap.

Cali Grill was my favorite meal. I’ll get day 2 report together soon and talk about that.

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