AKL vs Swan?

I know I am late, but:

Exactly this. I feel 100% the same way both about the Epcot area and the magic of AKL.

The Swan is like any other nice large hotel you could stay at. It is ridiculously convienient to Epcot and HS, but that is it.

If you love animals you must try AKL. It made such a memorable trip for me and my family. I greated a baby zebra every morning. I could watch giraffes walk by (from my bed!) As I booked morning LL.

If you were going 2 nights, I might say Swan. But 6 nights with 4 park days plus party? You need to be at AKL.

Also, Christmas 2021, the buses ran like clockwork.


I think AKL will feel more special so that’s my choice! you guys have convinced me (or maybe enabled what I subconsciously already wanted :slight_smile: )

I can’t do a split stay because fiance refuses to change hotels (says it’s too much work) and we are already spending two nights in UOR…


That’s fair. I have done both and for me it’s usually fine but it is work to switch so it’s a valid concern.

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It is going to be so special! Glad you were enabled.

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