AKL - Uzima Springs Pool closure


Wondering if anyone staying there recently has any photos of the work being done? The pool is supposed to open the week before we get there so just wondering what changes are being made. TIA!


I am arriving end of November and hoping for a miracle that it finishes early. :slight_smile: I did hear a rumor that they are finishing the pool with a sandy bottom like stormalong bay but that has not been confirmed. I follow a group on FB called For the love of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and people are always updating progress on there. A week ago it was just jackhammering to remove the old cement bottom.


From Tuesday:



Like a dry riverbed, waiting for the Spring rains to come…


With a lot of jackhammers in the background!


When is it supposed to open back up? We’ll be there 12/23 - 12/28.


Thank you!!! I just requested to be let into the FB group.

I called the main line and talked to the Disney rep when I heard the pool was going to be closed for renovations and they said they usually pad the times a little so maybe they are hoping to have it done for Thanksgiving time? Fingers crossed it’s done for your trip!


I was told by the beginning of December. I think they said 12/4. We get there the 8th so fingers crossed!


Thank you! So maybe they are just changing the bottom? Really hoping it’s done for our vacation. The idea of getting the kids on a shuttle to go to the pool doesn’t thrill me. lol


This would be awesome. I arrive 11/16.

I agree driving on a shuttle to get to a pool sounds less than thrilling but I was willing to do it to stay at AKL.

See you on FB and have a happy trip.


My only concern is that they are still digging it up a month later.


True. I stayed there last year and it was amazing. No other hotel can live up IMHO. See you on FB :slight_smile:


Bite your tongue! lol


Funny, I stayed at Kidani but Tuesday morning we went to Boma for breakfast. I made my family wait while I ran to the pool just to take those pictures! I knew people would want to know!


It was probably around the time I was wishing someone would take pictures… We are psychically connected! HA! Thanks for doing that!