AKL Trip Day 2

March 7
We ate at Kona Cafe for breakfast, another first. My DW said the poly smelled like the 70s. It was my first time there since 74 and her first. I liked the lobby but don’t remember the original. Her Samoan was better than my pineapples macadamia pancakes. I wasn’t very hungry though. The proximity to MK convinced us to upgrade our 8 day tickets we had bought for May to APs. We set up fpps for PotC, BTMRR and HM. We started with the Tiki room and interspersed TSI and SOTMK, both firsts for us, in between our fpps. Love the barrel bridge, the escape hatch and injun joes cave on TSI. Told by cm they had a gator in the water last year. Had CHH for lunch. Love their lighthouse sandwich. The HM FPP was the most useful as we got in the stretching room within 5 minutes and the standby was 55 minutes. We left around 230 to go relax at AKL before our Cali Grill ADR.

CG was amazing. The views and the food. We sat in a quiet room off the main room and saw illuminations and the electric water pageant. The spicy Kazan roll was my favorite. We watched Wishes from the observation deck. Simply wonderful. Afterwards we hit MK and highlights were celebrate the magic, PP with the new queue and 7dmt.we left and arrived back at AKL as clocks were springing forward to 3 a.m.


That’s a full day! And to hit MK twice in one day! I’m looking forward to checking out new Peter pan que myself.

It was like a museum. Nice art work and then the kids’ rooms really made the time fly by.