AKL studio coffee question

Renting points to stay at a studio savannah view at Jambo. Do we need to bring coffee? If so what kind? Is it large pods or just a standard basket filter?

Hi brerbeer! Mr. Coffee 10-12 pot maker. Regular basket filters.

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There will be starter packs of coffee and filters, but you are probably better off bringing your own. Here is a page with the full inventory for AKL Villas http://dvcnews.com/index.php/resorts/animal-kingdom-villas/guest-room-inventory-24610

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Thanks guys! Looking forward to enjoying a nice cup in the mornings.

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We always buy Mickey’s diner coffee! So good! Then we can bring rest home.

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Looking at the inventory it looks like the studio have a four cup coffee maker. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one of those.

I’ll be there tomorrow and I’ll investigate the coffee situation for you.

That would be great, thanks!

Ok , here’s the sitch. I don’t drink coffee but this looks like a standard coffee pot that takes normal filters.

I’m at AKL Jambio

Your a peach! Thank you

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