AKL standard view---one queen and bunk beds


I am new to Touring Plans and have a question about AKL standard view rooms with a queen and bunk beds. Have used the room finder, looked at all floors and sections of Jambo House. I see very few rooms in this category and of those few, most have a full or partial savanna view, Am I missing something?

Any recommendations? I just changed reservation to sananna views, but hard to justify the extra $1,300 for seven nights.

Thanks for your input and suggestions.

I only know standard view and that is room 4322.

The big thing is in purchasing a specific type of room is are you really going to enjoy and be in that room that much to warrant the extra money your paying. You can walk around the resort all you want and enjoy what it has to offer without being in a expensive room type. Understand how Disney classifies room views. Even if you barely see the Savanna it can be classified as a Savanna view. If it is still worth it to you and yours then by all means go for it.

I know what you are saying about how much time are we in the room… My wife and I stayed at AKL years ago, free upgrade from a standard to savanna view. This trip we are taking our 13 year old niece and she would be the only reason we would upgrade to a savanna view. I think it is fair to say there is a “wow” factor when you walk in the room and look across to the savanna–especially if animals (giraffes) are nearby.

After I posted this yesterday, I realized a standard view with a queen and bunk beds cannot be guaranteed… Although it can be requested. But a savanna view with Q and bunk bed is guaranteed… We have gone from POR with a pull-down to allowing our niece to choose between Pop Century with two rooms or AKL… She chose the latter. :grinning:

Thanks for your input.