AKL Standard View bunk bed rooms: do they exist?

On the Disney website, it seems like they do. On the Touring Plans room finder, it seems like they don’t. If they are real, has anyone had luck requesting one? Where are they located?

We had a standard view room at Jambo House with a queen bed and bunk beds. It was room number 4578. It’s a fair way away from anywhere though.

If you get that room, say “hi” to it for us and tell it we are missing it :smile:

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That’s helpful. The info listed for 4578 on Touring Plans room view says Queen Beds. If anyone knows any other standard view bunk bed rooms, I’d love to hear about them (where are they, how is the view, are they far from lobby/pool/transportation)!

Hi @Melissafent, we were in room 3135. We had bunk beds and the room was very near to the lobby, on the same level (so no stairs or lifts to contend with). It overlooked the car park but had trees blocking the view. Hope this helps.

Has anyone ever experience bunk beds at AKL when using DVC (Studio, standard view)?

Bumping this up to see if there are any others? We are going in April, and my kiddos (DS5, DD8) would love the bunk bed option!!

I’ve stayed in a BB room (not DVC). My DD loved it.

Following…would love to request AK DVC studio with bunks if available!!

Pipster, when was that trip? We may need to update the info for that room on our site. Thanks!

I’m looking on the room finder tool for AKL and not seeing Standard View with Queen and Bunk Beds as an option. Please add it soon so I can request one of these rooms for my April trip!

On the UK booking site the rooms with bunks are a seperate booking category which is more expensive They sell out pretty quickly so dont always have availability which is why you might not see them This is not DVC.

Hi Len

It was the last two weeks of August 2014. However we stayed in the same room in February 2012 and it was the same then.

I’ve just realised how sad it was to request the same room :smile:

@len Are there any suggestions on how could I word a room request to ask for any Standard view, Queen + Bunk Bed room, as I have no idea which of the standard rooms have bunks??

I’m also wondering this - bunk beds is much more important to me than the view. It would be nice to be able to get the bunks without paying for the pool view. Other than 3135 and 4578, what rooms should I request to get the standard view with bunk beds?

We requested bunk beds, kudu trail, upper floor via touring plans fax. We got room 4322. It has everything we asked for, and great views of animals!

We are staying at AKL now in room 2485 off of Zebra trail I think
1 queen bed and Bunk Beds standard view but we can see the giraffe and other animals from our balcony of we look to the left. An added bonus we like about this room location is the stairs are right by the room to go to pool and Mara.


Do you mind share what your fax message read?
Did you put any room numbers on the subject?

My current TP room requestfax message looks like this. Please let me know if I should add/remove anything:

Dear Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House,

For our upcoming stay, we’d like to request this type of room:
Jambo,Standard View with Bunk Bed + Queen…Exmple:4230,4322

Additional Special Requests:
(listed in the order of priority)

  • standard view room with Bunk Bed + Queen
  • non-smoking room
  • on the kudu or zebra trial
  • upper floor

We know our requests are not 100% guaranteed but we do appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into finding the best room for us.


Thank you!!

I don’t know if there’s a way to look up the fax I sent for a past trip. I think I took out all the room numbers, and just listed my requests in this order:
Bunk Beds
Kudu Trail
Upper Floor

At that time, I couldn’t figure out which standard view rooms had bunk beds and I didn’t want to risk confusing the room assigner if I accidentally listed a room number without bunks as my first choice. Maybe the room finder on this site is updated now to indicate which rooms have bunk beds?

I think requesting Kudu Trail increases your chances of getting a standard room with a view of the animals (since it seems like ALL the Kudu rooms can see animals), but the tradeoff is it’s quite long and some of the rooms are a hike from the lobby (down an air conditioned hallway, passing big windows that look over the savannah.)

Our view looked across the savannah toward Kidani. We saw lots of animals from the balcony. I believe it was listed as standard view because there was a fenced service enclosure in front of the building there, but that didn’t bother us a bit on the upper floor. We loved AKL! Good luck!

thank you very much!

Just want to share that I got my standard room with bunk bed. In my room request fax, I only put down bunk bed and no request for location. I used room 3230 as an example on TouringPlan and got a room 4230 on Kudu trail and I am very happy about it. I also did online check in with arrival time at 11am. I got a room ready txt around 10am. This was a great start of my trip and God has answered my prayer…