AKL standard rooms

Do standard rooms at AKL typically have a view of the animals?

Yes, I had 4238 and it had a view. I know @Outer1 was in that area as well and had a view. Giraffes fed in the area of my room every evening. I love that resort.

As @PrincipalTinker noted, some do… but I wouldn’t say they “typically” do. One of the options you are given for preferences is savanna view… But again, if I had to guess, I wouldn’t say the majority of standards rooms have savanna views…

It is the only resort that I am asking for a specific room using the TP fax request. The picture for room 4238, I believe, may be the one I took last June. If you find Outer’s trip report, there is a picture of his view ( that room too comes up as an alternate choice in my request). I am requesting a room one over from my last room since I think it may give a view further out to the Savannah. Honestly, I will be happy looking at a parking lot from my balcony. I love AKL.

Here’s the page that includes the views from our room. I think we were in 4326, but I can’t remember for sure. The only thing I asked for was a room that looked at anything other than a parking lot. But I also agree that I’d look at a parking lot from the balcony if that meant I was staying at AKL again lol. There really wasn’t anything that we didn’t like about it. I fear it’s ruined me for staying at POP this next trip.

ETA: Duh… i just realized I didn’t include the link lol https://thatdisneyguy.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/day-6-its-a-jungle-out-there/


If you take a look at a resort map you can see that there are a lot of rooms not facing towards the Savanna. We stayed in a regular room which faced the parking lot, so no views of animals at all.

The room happened to be next to the luggage loading bay and was very noisy around 20 hours a day, so we asked to move and we got a room that backed onto the lobby. We had a balcony with a very obscured view of a savannah (but, as we had paid for a regular room, we were very happy).

I can see why people pay more for a savannah view but, in reality, there are so many viewing points along the (fairly lengthy) corridors and outside of the lobby that you can see an awful lot of the animals if you can’t quite stretch to the expense.

If I stayed again (and only wishing to try a resort I haven’t yet stayed in is preventing me this time), I would happily stay in a standard or a savannah room.

Completely agree. Although it is nice to watch the wildlife from your room, we spent so little time actually there that a savanna view upgrade would have been pointless. Nevertheless, we saw plenty of animals from the common areas.

I think that this is a brilliant request - opens you up for the possibility of getting an upgrade without being seeming too “greedy”.

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Thanks for the input!

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