AKL Savannah View King Rooms

So … my DH finally gave in and gave the green light to changing from POFQ to AKL for our December trip. I’ve booked us in a Savannah View King room. Of course, the first thing after that is going to the room request and looking to see what my options are.

Are there seriously only FOUR Savannah View King rooms in the entire resort???

Most likely the map is wrong. It has been wrong on bunk rooms.

After asking around in various places, I am being told that the room maps are not terribly accurate anymore for most of the resorts. That’s rather disappointing - I keep my subscription going mainly for that purpose.

I have only found issues with AKL . Lately, with the refurbishment the bed types can change. Many of the bunk bed standard rooms have been noted by liners and you can sometimes find that in the notes . The AKL issues are complicated because the CMs have at times just made up stuff (I am being kind and not saying they lie).