AKL Refurbishment - Anyone stayed there recently?

Long time lurker, long time member, first time(ish) poster!

October trip, and we got a letter today saying from AKL saying, “we’re sorry if our refurbishment causes any inconvenience…”

We’re staying in a Value Studio in Jambo House. I thought AKL’s current refurb was all soft goods? Has anyone stayed there in the past few weeks who can report on any “inconvenience” there might be?


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I just want to say welcome! I have not stayed in the last few weeks but I received the same letter for my April trip and I never saw any work being done.

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At Jambo now, haven’t seen any inconvenience yet

I was there last week and didn’t see anything at all.

the pool at kidani and a few rooms are being referb i believe.

This is our last night at Kidani and we haven’t seen any refurb/construction yet…