AKL Refurb

Hi all! I read that AKL was undergoing some refurbishments, some that may create issues with savannah view rooms…instead of savannah one may look out over porta-potties. Has anyone stayed there recently that can provide an update? We have a short trip planned and are trying out the AKL club level. I’m hoping we can avoid the porta-potty view.

If you can supply a reference to your source I would appreciate it.

I’ve got 3 savannah rooms booked in October and a porta-potty view ain’t going to cut it. They can either give me a free upgrade to the GF (like they have done recently for other construction issues) or refund the whole vacation and I’ll head home and plan another vacation to someplace other than Disney.

I think it was Disney Tourist Blog.

I will say that when booking DVC for the April timeframe it warned that value villas at Jambo would be unavailable during those dates. It didn’t say anything about the savanna view rooms.

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Animal Kingdom Lodge – Room refurbishments are occurring throughout 2019, expected to be complete at some point in the fall. The above photo demonstrates how the work is being done, with staging bases in areas of the savanna. We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge twice in early 2019, both times with savanna views. Based upon our experience of this work having zero impact on our stay, we previously did not list it separately here.

However, a reader recently stayed in a “savanna view room for spring break (mid-March 2019) and our savanna view consisted of port-a-potties, cranes/lifts, and trucks. Workers were on the balconies all day long. The animals would not come near the noise and activity. The hotel staff told us there was nowhere they could move us that wouldn’t overlook the refurbishment work.”

If you look at other reader comments, experiences at Animal Kingdom Lodge are all over the place; some people weren’t impacted at all, others had horrible experiences. Given the hit-or-miss feedback, it’s tough to recommend a savanna-view for bookings through Fall 2019. We’d love to hear about YOUR experience at Animal Kingdom Lodge in the comments, if you’ve stayed there this year."

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